Wednesday, 15 May 2013

P Day with Jared and sa copine In Provence

So, we took our P day with Jared and Coralie and went around Provence to see the Ville, Fountaine de Vaucluse.  We went to Gordes first because Jared had never been there.  Then off to Fountaine de Vaucluse just down the road.  The Photos do not express how nice this very small ville is.  I sat on a bench due to my knees and could have sat there forever under a sycamore tree by the river Sorge.  Mom and I sat and talked and had a planning session for the remainder of our Mission (Less than 4 weeks left) while Jared and Coralie wandered and talked. Very tranquille day.  I was wondering if this would be the last time I would be able to visit these places.  Sad thought.  I love Provence and the Young Adults of Marseille who have become like our children.  As we were leaving for our day excursion, one of our Young Adults texted us to see if she could come to our apartment to just visit and talk.  They love coming to our apartment.  Now I know why King Salomon said, Happy is the man who has many children".

 First Stop, Gordes

Coralie and Jared at Gordes

The Abby at Gordes

Next Stop Ville de Fountaine de Vaucluse

I sat under these trees in the village center next to the Sorge river.  It was so peaceful.  It is a big contrast to being in Marseille

Ruins of the Chateau de Vaucluse on top of the hill, 1150 AD

This is a common sight all throughout Provence this time of year.

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Final Stop,  Avignon on the Rhone looking towards the Palais de Pape. 

I will miss this view.  Historically speaking Avignon has been one of the cities I have always wanted to see.  Who knew I would be living so close to this ville and know it so intimately.  I love history.
Palais de Pape 1252 AD to 1377 AD.  From 1309 to 1377 six Popes served here leading the Roman Catholic Church until the Papacy was returned to Rome in 1377.

Coralie and Jared feeding Pigeons on the Rhone

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