Friday, 26 April 2013

Schmitshausen, Germany

There is very little left of the original ville remaining.  There has been a lot of new houses built and the old has been torn down.  I was told by the County Clerk that there are still Rottman's living in Schmitshausen. I had a special feeling while there knowing that my ancestors walked the same streets.   Well, there was only one street when they lived here.  Now there are little neighborhoods.  Very small though.  Population of Schmitshausen is as of December 2011 402 persons residing there.  Everyone is a farmer.  There are no restaurants, gas stations, or stores of any kind in Schmitshausen.  Everyone goes to Wallhalben to do their shopping.  (About 3 kilometers away)  I wish I could say it was a pretty ville, but it was actually very plain.  The country side around the ville is awesome. 

Date above the door says 1834

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