Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Driving through the French Alps and ending up in Chamonix, France (Mont Blanc)

Because of all the help that Jeannine has had to do for me due to my knees, I decided to take her for a special two day trip to Chamonix-Mont Blanc.  She has been such a help for me and had to endure much.  Driving through the Alps is special in itself.  There is nothing like.  But to end up at Mont Blanc is something that we will never forget.  Photos cannot capture the awesomeness and grandeur of the alps.  Here are some photos of the ville Chamonix, France.
Entering the French Alps

Chamonix, France at the base of Mont Blanc

You just have to be there.  Photos are inadequate to capture the reality of this place.

Lunch in Chamonix

It is a tough life eating when you are forced to look at the Alps on either side of the table.

Upon departure from Chamonix, France we had a treat.  It was Celestial.   We are satisfied in every way possible for at least a week.

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