Saturday, 2 March 2013

Young Adult Baptisms in Marseille

Here are some of our Young Adult baptisms that we have had since we have been in Marseille.  Only one has gone inactive and that is because her father wont let her come to church.  She is from Senegal and has a very strict father.  

First on the agenda is Coralie and Isabelle Abbate.  They were baptized in February of 2012.  Isabelle is now in the Relief Society Presidency as 1st councilor and Coralie is one of our JA who has a special attachment to our family at the moment with Jared.  She works in the Garderie . 

Next is Tilbault.  He is on the far left.  Last year when we came the young girl, Sylvie who is a Medical Student was totally inactive.   Mom and I befriended her and with a little encouragement she brought her non-member boyfriend to Institute.  Tilbault fit right in and is a very strong member.  He comes even when Sylvie has work at the hospital and passes Sacrament.

Next is Moses,  I was able to help teach him with he Elders.  He is from Uganda and only speaks English so that made it easy.  He comes to all the activities and has a great warmth about him.  He is always concern about my legs.  I love this guy.  He always has a positive outlook on life.

The latest Baptism is Allen.  He is from Cote de L’Ivoire.  Due to a serious transgression in his passed The President ask me to interview him for Baptism.  It went well in French but I had one of the Elders present to make sure I was clear on his responses.  Even though my understanding French is weak we had some connection.  I had only met him once and he requested that I Confirm him a member of the church.   He always comes to church and the members had embraced him.  Since we have a large ward they are very good at welcoming new people.  Marseille Rocks.

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