Monday, 4 March 2013

Lost in Avignon

The Mission President gave us an assignment to inspect all Missionary apartments in our Zone.  Now we have been to Avignon about 20 times and have never been lost.  But, it was the first time we had to go and inspect the Missionaries apartment in an area of the city we had never been in.  So the adventure began.  We had a small problem finding it.  In Avignon you just don't park somewhere and go.  There is no place to park, so you have to park in a central parking lot and go from there.  After much walking and searching streets we finally found there apartment.  I will admit we found it a very nice walk and discovered a new part of Avignon that we hadn't seen before.  It was worth getting lost.  There was only one problem.  The missionaries failed to tell us that their door bell did not work and their cell phone was only works half the time.  So we rang and we rang and we rang with no response. So then we called, and we called and we called with no response.  So we sat, and we sat and we sat and waited for them to come home not knowing all the time they were in their apartment.  Finally Jeannine called one more time and got through.  Their response was, "Oh we are so sorry, we forgot to tell you that our door bell doesn't work and our phone only works half the time.  We were wondering why you were so late".   Missionaries,  what are you gonna do with them, you can't kill them.  I think the Lord would not like that and might frown on that course of action.  Luckily they were awesome missionaries with a great spirit about them.  And their apartment was a hell hole with mold growing everywhere.  We were there to confirm to the President that they need a new apartment.  It is falling apart, but no fault on the missionaries part.  They had a very tidy apartment except for the mold that was growing like a cancer.  They would clean with Chlorine and it would grow right back.  The apartment building was about 200 years old with poor ventilation from the dryer.  Nice day in Avignon.

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