Sunday, 24 February 2013

Salon Du Chocolat - Marseille

So Jeannine went to a Fete du Chocolat in Marseiile with Sister Gregori (Aliene), her son and Soeur Gregori's sister-in-law, Very nice people.  I couldn't go due to my walking problems.  Jeannine had a great time With Aliene Gregori.  We have known Aliene since the first day we arrived here in Marseille.  She is from Morocco and the funnest person to be with.  We had her over for dinner one night and she told me, "You will have to tell me to leave or I will not stop talking".    We have become ingrained in the culture of Marseille, France quite deeply.  We have been told we have a Marseillaise accent.  I don't know how it happened but most of the members call me Richard instead of Elder Rutman.  All the young adults call me Elder, so I don't mind the other members calling me by my first name.  We sort have become a part of the ward, since we have been here for so long.  They include us in all the ward activities.  I spend the first 5 minutes of Priesthood Meeting kissing men (On the Cheek!!!)  They call it a bisous and you give one one each cheek.  I come into church and I walk down the hall to the Chapel and by the time I have reached the Chapel I have kissed about ten Men, women, young adults and children.  Then it continues all through church as you meet someone you have not bisoused yet.  There is no such word as (Bisoused) but couldn't think of any other way to say it.  It has become second nature to me now and I do it without thinking.  It is just natural.  I hope when I get home I don't forget and try to bisous the bishop or some sister.  Anyway enjoy the pics of Chocolate.

Aliene and Jeannine
Anne, Christof and Aliene.  Christof is Aliene's son


Savuers du Maroc

Dresses made with or out of Chocolate.  Still haven't figured out how to wear one without something going wrong.

Chocolate Pétanque Balls.  It is a game they play here in France

Aliene, Jeannine and Anne

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  1. Looks like a dream come true!!! no Chocolate Calculus books? ;) haha