Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Beaucaire, France

On our "P" Day mom and I went exploring to another ville, Beaucaire.  During the Summer it is very busy, but as you will see when winter is near everything closes down.  It was like a ghost town.  It was cold and very quite, just the way I like it.  It was very tranquil walking the streets with no one else.  It was like a deserted city, but very clean and crisp.   There wasn't even any dog poop on the street.  Had a very enjoyable and peaceful walk through Beaucaire.  After Beaucaire we crossed the Rhone and went to Tarcason where we have been before.  Again very deserted and quiet.  I love walking through these small French villes when there are no tourists.  There is a sense of peace and no reason to be in a hurry.  It is a special feeling being there and knowing that you belong here and are not just a tourist. 
Beaucaire is a ville just across the Rhone from Tarascon

Chateau Beaucaire

Me at the gate to the ville

Centre ville in the small ville of Beaucaire

If you look hard you can see a small red Santa hanging from a window.

Looking at The Chateau Tarcason over looking the Rhone from Beaucaire

Chateau Tarcason

Saint Martha Cathedral

This is the legendary Monster (The Tarsque) that haunted northern Provence at the time of Christ.  Legend has it that Saint Martha, of the "Mary and Martha" fame came to Provence and tamed the beast.  When she brought the tamed beast into town the people were afraid and killed the beast.  After learning what Martha had done for the beast, they were all sorry and converted to Christianity.  They changed the name of the town to Tarascon.  Each year in June there is a festival celebrating the "Tarsque"

One empty and cold ville, very nice.

Christmas time in Tarascon

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