Saturday, 24 November 2012

Walk to the Callanque

Mom and I had a very busy and stressful week this week and Saturday was a Free day with nothing to do until Tuesday.  We were studying our Scriptures in French and got a little frustrated and bored due to the weather, so we decided to go out into the windy, wet weather and take a walk to the top overlook on the Callanque.  We started our walk at about 3:00PM with little daylight to spare.  This is something we had never done before.   We took it slow due to my knees, but I made it.  After our walk, we went out to dinner in Cassis and had some Moules.  It was a nice day with my wife. We had to document our walk to the top of the Callanque
Jared will recognize this sign

Jared swan clear around that small island at the top right corner.  He did it with some of his friends here in Marseille.  This was taken from a about a mile away.  It was a little bigger than he thought it would be. 

This was taken at the top of the mountain overlooking the Mediterranean towards Algeria.  We needed proof that we did it. 
Looking towards Spain

Me too, I did it.  Very windy but worth the effort.

Looking down from the top of the lookout point to a small village that you can only get to by boat or walking inThere are no car roads leading to this village. 

I really love this photo of Jeannine.  This is taken from a place that if you look to the right you are facing Spain.  If you look to the left you face Algeria.  Both ways you look out over the Mediterranean

Looking towards Algeria

Moules and Frites at Don Carmillo's.  This is our favorite restaurant in Cassis

This is our view from the restaurant in the outside cafe.  This is a 400 year old fortress that guarded the Harbor here in Cassis, France. 

The Harbor at Cassis, France

Our walk back to the car.

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