Thursday, 29 November 2012

Last Night with Deemah Moujally

Deemah has been with us for some time now.  She is a non-member who has attached herself to the group.  She has had the lessons but has decided not to receive baptism at this time.  She still comes to all activities which we love her to come to.  She is a Christen from Lebanon living here in Marseille.  Due to work constraints it is necessary that she move with her sister to Paris.  She prefers Marseille over Paris due to the weather and ocean here.  She will be very much missed here.  We have grown to love this young woman very much.  She has a beautiful smile when you can get her to smile.  Maybe that is why I feel so close to her,  Neither of us smile easily.  This is the hard part about serving a mission.  There comes a point in which you must say good-bye.  I am a richer man because I know Deemah Moujalley. 

Mom, Deemah and Me at the Center

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